Ideas for Action

The 17 Days Campaign Kit includes information and definitions, facts and figures, and resources for each of the 17 themes, with a special focus on a main theme, which is "Claim your right to mitigate and adapt to climate change, " - 7 October 2016.
• Mobilizing rural women leaders, organizations and grassroots groups to RISE and claim their rights
• Strengthening local/national initiatives in rural communities and creating new women's groups to rise for compliance
• Raising awareness of the multi-faceted problems still facing rural women communities
• Educating for advocacy and providing empowerment tools
• Lobbying governments to implement UN declarations and recommendations for rural women and their communities
• Linking rural women and their communities to the CEDAW Convention and to the SDG Agenda 2030 - Transforming our world
• Bringing to light the alarming inequalities and lack of progress in many rural areas, its multifaceted aspects of poverty and the need to generate sufficient government and public support for improving life in rural areas
• Creating new synergies at many levels between diverse actors (youth included) to empower communities