What people say

...about the Prize for women's creativity in rural life

Mary Robinson, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

"... It is with great pleasure that I welcome this excellent initiative to award in Geneva the Prize for women's creativity in rural life and celebrate World Rural Women's Day. I would like to convey my best wishes and salute the Women's World Summit Foundation..."

Dialogue Nord-Sud, Cameroon

"...We appreciate the efforts of your organization to work for the implementation of women's rights. We send you total support."


"...We are happy to have discovered your organization and congratulate you on the empowerment you are to rural women."

Zambian Women in Agriculture, Zambia

"...a brilliant idea for you to create and initiate the Women's World Summit Foundation but also a very inspiring and motivating one. A million thanks on behalf of Zambian Women in Agriculture. The community based organization has not only achieved local or national recognition but a slot in the Women's World Summit Foundation, thus creating history."

Mouvement des Travailleurs Ruraux Sans Terre, Brazil

".We congratulate you for founding the Women's World Summit Foundation which is a boon to rural women and children..."

International Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture IICA, Costa Rica (a coalition of 34 member states)

"...We are very interested in co-sponsoring your Foundation's campaigns to promote WWSF and the annual award of the "Prize for women's creativity in rural life", and thus becoming an official sponsor of the campaign..."

Mercy and Grace Charitable Trust, India

"...we thank God for the wonderful service your foundation is doing for the welfare and development of women and children who live below the poverty line via your empowerment programs..."

Self-Employed Women's Association SEWA, India

"...we thank you for your encouragement and support and we are all so proud of WWSF efforts in bringing visibility to the struggle of poor rural women..."

Rural Women Welfare Organization, Pakistan

"...WWSF has provided a powerful platform and fruitful campaign for the development of rural women..."

Center for Conflict Resolution, Zambia

"... I have read your very impressive July 2001 Global Newsletter. I found the contents most interesting and inspiring. The sisterly spirit of your organisation is apparent and I am impressed by the fact that you focus on ordinary women who in small ways are making a tremendous impact on their own lives and those of members in their communities..."