Messages from Laureates 2016

Following the announcement of their selection for the Prize, many Laureates send us messages of joy and thanks for the inspiration thisaward means to them. They also inform us of developments of their programs and projects.

Hermila Trevino Sauceda - USA 

“… Thank you very, very much for your notice and providing me the opportunity to receive as one of the Laureates the WWSF Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life 2016. I am so excited and feel so honored to be selected by you. This is a great opportunity for myself and the women I have been working with in California and across the country in the USA. Please advice about the next steps. Gracias! I really appreciate this opportunity and I am thrilled to learn more about the Women’s World Summit Foundation. If there is anything you feel I can personally support your work; I'd be very happy to do so…”.

 Peggy Carswell – Canada 

“… I want to let you know that being recognized by WWSF for my work in Assam came as an unexpected surprise – and of course, is very much appreciated.  Assam has become a very important part of my life, and the friendships, working relationships, culture and environment are inextricable connected to my heart and my soul.  I consider it a great gift to have wandered off the better-travelled routes visitors to India often follow, and to have discovered this special part of the world.

We sometimes hear about people who’ve found a « calling » in their lives, and it feels as though this reflects the kind of relationship that has developed for me in northeast India.  Many years ago, a writer for a magazine here on Canada’s west coast wrote that “... Peggy Carswell has a foot in two worlds…” and this comment resonates even more now than it did then. Living, working and travelling in India – and particularly in Assam – has opened many doors in my life.  As a resource person, a woman, a Canadian and a friend, my own understanding of organic farming and of the challenges and successes faced by women and minorities around the world has increased significantly.  And for all this, I will be eternally grateful…”.

Caroline Owashaba – Uganda

“ … I very much appreciate this award and I am happy for being among the 2016 Laureates receiving the WWSF Prize for women’s creativity in rural life. This is a motivation and an inspiring award to myself, my fellow women in Uganda and to Africa as well. I continue to work for rural women by engaging them in the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 peacefully.  I wish all women good deliberations on 15 October – International Day of Rural women. “ 

Eva Darare Gonche – Kenya

“… I am humbled that the prize award committee has selected me for this precious award. My sincere gratitude goes to Mr.Hoko Funacha, my nominator, who knows the kind of work I was doing with women who are discriminated and looked down upon by society. 
I am so, so proud to be the first Gabbra woman, the first pastoralist woman of Marsabit county in Kenya, to receive this award and who still struggles to bring gender equality and dignified life for the voiceless women and girls. This award is not only for me but also for those forgotten women who want justice to prevail. 
I am here to stand up for their rights to a dignified life. Thanks once more. Long live WWSF, you have made me a heroine…”.