FETGO Bernadette (57), CAMEROON


The two Cameroon Prizewinnwers (2019) were selected by CEFAP-Ladies Circle, the WWSF national prize program partner in Cameroon, co-sponsored by WWSF

Mrs. FETGO Bernadette, a rural woman and mother of 9 children is a woman active in her village where she spends her time outside of her rural work, and her household chores, to gather the women of her community around the synergies for the reinforcement of their capacity,

the protection and defense of their rights and interests, the diversification of their sources of income and, above all, they continue to seek information that can help them boost their production, transform their agricultural products and market them to feed the population and secure an income to care for their families. She has made her battlefield a real priority for action in her community: advocacy for rural women’s access to land, girls’ education and the eradication of early marriages of girls and the promotion of hard work of the rural woman who deserves to be recognized and supported. Ms. FETGO is the leader of several women’s community groups with around 1,500 rural women working for peacebuilding in Anglophone regions in crisis in Cameroon.

Her work contributes to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals-Agenda 2030 Target #1, #2, #5 & #10