MOKO Jeanne d’Arc (51), CAMEROON


The two Cameroon Prizewinnwers (2019) were selected by CEFAP-Ladies Circle, the WWSF national prize program partner in Cameroon, co-sponsored by WWSF

Mrs. MOKO Joan of Arc, a rural woman, widow and mother of 6 orphans has seen the whole burden of her family resting on her since 2010 that her husband has died, leaving her with 6 children. She works hard every day to support her orphans.

When her husband died, 80% of her land was expropriated. Since then, she has engaged with other rural women to defend their interests and fight gender inequalities in the distribution and management of resources, especially land in rural Cameroon. In 2012, she created the Widows’ Club for rural development in her village. They organize information, awareness and denunciation campaigns and are supported by an association of women lawyers for the protection, defense and promotion of their rights. She is a rural woman who can be counted on, a rural woman who prepares the rural woman of tomorrow today and who gives herself the means to take control of her destiny and to mentor other vulnerable rural women in the communities. She is one of the linchpins of sustainable development, progress and the culture of peace in her community.

Her work contributes to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals-Agenda 2030 Targets #2, #3, #5 & #10