ACHARYA Triveni (54), INDIA


Mrs. Acharya, former journalist with a reputed newspaper in Mumbai, took over as President of the Rescue Foundation in 2005, which combats Human Trafficking from the rural areas of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and any country from where girls and children are trafficked to India for commercial sexual exploitation.

She courageously rescues these girls from the red-light areas, massage parlors and even from private apartments and completely rehabilitates and repatriates them to reunite with their families in their native places. Her work, practically on a grassroots level, not only rescues them from torture but also empowers them to become leading members of their community, thereby besides combating a major problem of India, empowers beneficiaries to prosper in rural areas. About 50% of the Indian population lives in rural areas and women’s empowerment is very necessary.

Under her leadership, the Rescue Foundation has expanded the activities at Mumbai, Boisar, Pune and Delhi. Every year the Foundation rescues about 350 girls, rehabilitates, empowers and repatriates about 700 girls to rural families in India and abroad, to regain a normal life. Her protective and rehabilitation homes are situated in urban cities as these trafficked girls are trafficked from rural villages and sold by traffickers in cities.

So far Mrs. Acharya has rescued, rehabilitated and repatriated more than 18’000 girls. Her impact is recognized by the government of India. Mrs. Acharya’s work provides empowerment to women who need to be empowered badly.

Visit, click on video and type Rescue Foundation. You will be able to view several videos. Also, view to get a detailed view of activities.

Her work contributes to achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals-Agenda 2030 Targets #5 & #10