AKAKPO Adjoa (61), TOGO


This candidate is a pioneer of the organization of women in her country where she founded in 1990 the “Women’s association La Colombe” (The Dove) to bring immediate effective solutions to the different challenges faced by rural women:

food insecurity, poverty, major health issues, illiteracy, sexual violence and sexism, the high school drop-out rate among young girls, lack of access to land, hence to credit, i.e. financial dependency on the men. In the year 2000, Adjoa gives up the security of her teaching job to devote herself entirely to her work with women and young girls. A training center for women had been opened in 1997 in the town of Vo Koutime. Over 700 girls and young women victims of various forms of violence and sexual exploitation have been trained there in a variety of fields such as dressmaking, hairdressers, cooking, dying and others. Alongside these areas, all the students received additional training in basic notions of entrepreneurship, leadership, literacy, etc. Parallel to this training, the traditional village chieftains were informed and sensitized to the rights of women in terms of land ownership and inheritance laws.

On October 15, 2019, the International Day of Rural Women, a network of women agro-entrepreneurs will be launched by women 2030 so as to encourage rural women to adapt themselves to agro-ecology to face the challenges of climate change. At the same time, so as to find a solution to the problems of violence against women and girls in rural areas, a movement of the wives of village chieftains has been launched to face this eternal problem.

Her work contributes to achieving UN SustainableDevelopment Goals-Agenda 2030 Targets #1, #2, #4& #5