Asociación de Mujeres Defensores de Vida (AMDV) - Honduras

The courage of fighting for women

AMDV has been an innovative, trail-blazing organization working in very difficult circumstances in one of the most unequal, violent and corrupt countries in the world, where 17% of the population lives in extreme poverty (less than US$1.25 a day).

Women, and especially rural women, suffer immensely in the most violent country in the world where femicide runs extremely high with an impunity rate of over 90%! AMDV was one of the first national organizations to tackle the issue of women’s rights, using a two-pronged policy of influencing public policies impacting women, in addition to eight networks in various municipalities training women on combatting violence and fighting for their rights.

Their numerous, well-honed activities cover four of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), i.e.:

a) Ending poverty in all its forms, using dual policies of both income-generating activities with rotating funds and training in entrepreneurship, and promoting health and development in early childhood. (SDG 1)

b) Ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture. This has been done with a variety if innovative approaches such as saving seeds, drip irrigation, organic compost and natural pesticides. This has made a huge difference in the well-being of numerous families and especially the young children who are no longer stunted in their growth by a totally inadequate and insufficient food-intake. (SDG 2)

c) SDG 3 - ensuring healthy lives and promoting the well-being of all ages – has been forwarded through AMDV’s work on solar and improved stoves, avoiding the numerous illnesses linked to smoke-inhalation in poorly-aired homes.

d) Finally, achieving gender equality in a tremendously macho culture has been a main activity of this courageous NGO via political advocacy, policy making and training. In a political culture where both police and the legal system are indifferent to the huge and constant violence against women, AMDV has been able to make a significant difference. (SDG 5)

AMDV’s struggle, as one can well imagine, has not come without ongoing hardships, obstacles and personal threats to the safety of its immensely dedicated staff, but over the years they have very significantly impacted the lives of hundreds of families in the country.

Their work contributes to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals-Agenda 2030 - Target #1, #2, #3 and #5.