Laureates 2014

Brigitte-Marie Bravo - Niger

Aiding and Protecting African Children and Rural Women in an African City

Sister Brigitte-Marie Bravo (54) born in Carmaux, France, obtained a public law license in 1982. That same year, she joined the Fraternité Notre-Dame, a traditional Catholic religious order founded to serve destitute people. Two years later, she started teaching and then served as director until 1996 when she went abroad for missionary work.

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Danka Zelic – Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)

Helping Women Rebuild Community after War

Danka Zelic was born in 1973 into a Croat family in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), when BiH formed part of the Socialist Federation of the Republic of Yugoslavia. In 1990, after a period of political crisis, Yugoslavia split. By 1992, unsolved issues led to a bitter inter-ethnic war that lasted almost four years and forced more than two million from their homes—including 17-year-old Danka. She went to Croatia and then Germany, but unable to stand idly by while her country fell apart, she returned to her hometown a year later.

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Eunice Obala – Kenya

Resolving Conflicts and Empowering Women in Pastoral Communities

Eunice Obala (41) has a Bachelor's degree in Leadership and Development Studies, a diploma in Community Development and a certificate in Social Work. She has coauthored numerous papers on risk and disaster reduction and humanitarian issues.

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Eva Hönle – Austria

Weaving Lives Together after Decades of Civil War

Eva Hönle (51) started LADY LOMIN in 2007 to help single mothers in Lomin, a rural area in Kajo-Keji County in South Sudan. Her work began after the 2005 Sudanese peace agreement officially ended 21 years of civil war that claimed 2.5 million lives. Setting the stage for South Sudan's independence from Sudan, the agreement drew people home from refugee camps in Uganda and Kenya to rebuild their lives. By the time South Sudan was formally created in 2011, Eva's project was well underway.

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Jean-Christabel Asipkwe – Uganda

Encouraging Rural Women Leaders – a Key to Development

Jean-Christabel Asipkwe (41) holds a masters degree in public administration. Committed to empowering communities, especially women, she began working for CEFORD (Community Empowerment for Rural Development) in 2003. Today she serves as the organization's Executive director.

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Juana Alicia Ruiz Hernandez - COLOMBIA

Rising from Pain to Healing and Hope One Stitch at a Time

Juana Alicia Ruiz Hernandez (41) spent a challenging childhood in San Pablo. However, her destiny was linked to the smaller Mampujan community through church activities and her marriage to Alexander, a local resident there.

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María Teresa Urbina Alacón – Mexico

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

María Teresa Urbina Alacón (55) is the coordinator of a group of 30 courageous women from La Perla, Veracruz, Mexico. Since 2013, she has helped them fight their community's extreme conditions of poverty and isolation through an innovative sustainable agricultural project designed to provide household food security.

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OMIL (Organization of Indigenous Women of Laramate), Peru

Building a Better Future through Tradition and Innovation

OMIL (Organization of Indigenous Women of Laramate) was created in 1998 in Laramate, Ayacucho, Peru. Since then, this organization of 150 women and their families have been working for the recognition and exercise of Quechua women's rights, focusing on issues such as violence against women, food security, economic and political development, and cultural preservation. OMIL has been encouraging women to assume the role as change agents in their community.

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