2016 - 17 Days Campaign Kit

We are happy to present to you the 2nd edition of the WWSF Rural Women Empowerment Kit - Call to Action.

Please remember that the Kit is central to the campaign "17 Days of activism 1-17 October". For this reason we stress that you familiarize yourself with the information contained in the Kit, including the list of 17 Campaign themes, and especially the main  theme of the year.

As of 2016, WWSF is including in the 17 Days Kit the adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provides you with the information on the relevant SDG Targets to be reached by 2030.

In addition, we draw your attention to the wide array of suggested ideas for action presented in the Kit to support and assist you in developing your own activities and events at a local, national or international level. Please note that you remain completely free to focus your campaign on the theme(s) of your choice.

For your information, please note that WWSF will cintinue awarding the annual Prize for women's creativity in rural life on 15 October - International Day of Rural Women.

To read and/or download the 17 Days Campaign Kit, please click here


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