Selected Award Ceremonies 2016

Kesi Bai - India 

2016 Kesi Bai ndia

Tulsi Gyawali - Nepal

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Eva Darare Gonche – Kenya

Message from prizewinner 

Darare Gonche 

" Dear Madam,
Thank you for your email and thanks for celebrating with me. I invited women and leaders from the area of my village and we had a celebration. The women came from all corners of our county and celebrated in style. The women are grateful to WWSF for the reward and thanked Eva Darare for tirelessly working for the women and children in the rural village of Marsabit county. The women representative gave speeches on the value women add to family life and which needs to be recognised, however small it is. On the other hand Eva said that the reward is an encouragement and lifts her spirit to work for women and children. The prize has put Marsabit women and their plight on the world map and that possible benefactors dealing with women and the girl child will offer service that will go along way to alleviate social injustice. My focus is on ending FGM and working for the environmental and economic empowerment of women and girls.

Attached find a  photo of our celebration that took pace on 15 October. The third photo is the prize of a goat given to me by women.

Thank you again, 

Eva Darare "

eva darare kenya

  Peggy Carswell – Canada 

“… I want to let you know that being recognized by WWSF for my work in Assam came as an unexpected surprise – and of course, is very much appreciated.  Assam has become a very important part of my life, and the friendships, working relationships, culture and environment are inextricable connected to my heart and my soul.  I consider it a great gift to have wandered off the better-travelled routes visitors to India often follow, and to have discovered this special part of the world.

We sometimes hear about people who’ve found a « calling » in their lives, and it feels as though this reflects the kind of relationship that has developed for me in northeast India.  Many years ago, a writer for a magazine here on Canada’s west coast wrote that “... Peggy Carswell has a foot in two worlds…” and this comment resonates even more now than it did then. Living, working and travelling in India – and particularly in Assam – has opened many doors in my life.  As a resource person, a woman, a Canadian and a friend, my own understanding of organic farming and of the challenges and successes faced by women and minorities around the world has increased significantly.  And for all this, I will be eternally grateful…”.

1- Assam Tribune : Prestigious award to State organic movement promoter:

2-  Peggy CarswellFertile Ground: EastWest Sustainability Network - Home








Anne Pelagie Yotchou Tzudjom - Cameroon

laureate cameroune"As the Coordinator of CEFAP-LADIES CIRCLE, a national network of women leading social and economic change in Cameroon with so many activities to sustain development in rural communities, to change lives and empower/inspire women/girls to DARE and ACHIEVE, it is an honor for me to receive the 2016 WWSF Prize for women’s creativity in Rural Life which will definitely give me more courage and strength to keep on empowering women in rural areas in my country, Cameroon.

Anne Pelagie Yotchou Tzeudjom

Coordinator CEFAP Ladies Circle"

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